Car Clinic: Golf Electrical Issues

Car Clinic: Golf Electrical Issues


Every time after I start my VW Golf 1.4i and let it idle, it cuts out after a minute or two. I have made sure that the fuel pump is working, enough fuel is reaching the engine and the fuel sensor is working. The rev counter is still on 1 000 when the engine just cuts out without any misfiring or stumbling. Please advise.



Richard, according to my friend the VW fanatic, cases of this nature that have come to his workshop can usually be traced to one of two sources:

If you put your hand in right next to the battery, you’ll find two big fuses — one red and one white — rated at 40 amp and 80 amp. Living as they do so close to the battery, their contacts are prone to corrosion, which can cause baffling electrical failures. Remove those two fuses (after disconnecting the battery), clean their contacts thoroughly, and after replacing them, spray some Tectyl on the contacts to prevent future corrosion.

Another possibility that sometimes occurs on CitiGolfs is that the positive battery clamp works loose. Ensure that the clamp is tight on the positive terminal and that it’s free of corrosion. If the clamp has been damaged, it may be necessary to replace the cable going to the positive post.

Gerrit Burger