McLaren Unveils 650S Sprint

McLaren Unveils 650S Sprint

While the P1 GTR is likely to be the jewel of McLaren’s Pebble Beach display, the supercar manufacturer will also be showing off a number of new models. One being the new 650S Sprint.

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Based on the recently launched McLaren 650S Coupe, the track-focused 650S Sprint promises sharper steering, better aerodynamics and a more “engaging racing” experience. But all without losing the refinement and balance of the standard car, McLaren claims.

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The cabin is stripped out to minimise weight Built around the lightweight and inherently strong carbon fibre MonoCell chassis, the interior also features an FIA-approved rollcage and a lightweight carbon fibre racing seat, with a six-point harness. The air-conditioning system has been retained. A fire extinguisher system is also installed.

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McLaren recently announced the 650S GT3 race car, which will be seen on the grid from next season, and the 650S Sprint shares a number of design features with its bigger brother.  A larger motorsport fuel ‘bag’ tank with quick-fill connectors is added, as is optimised cooling through the larger GT3-developed front radiator with a GT3-inspired bonnet integrating radiator exit ducts, and the addition of front wings louvres to further optimise airflow over, and around, the bodywork.

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The first example of the 650S Sprint is shown with a new striking livery, in an inverted colour scheme of the 650S GT3 car shown at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Finished primarily in white, the design also features the new Tarocco Orange finish seen on the GT3, with subtle black and white detailing throughout.

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A range of further options and upgrades are available including a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) developed aerodynamic package including carbon fibre rear wing and front splitter, a passenger seat with six-point harness, and further lightweight components including a polycarbonate windscreen. It wears a £198,000 (R3 535 075) price tag.

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