13 Slowest Cars In SA

13 Slowest Cars In SA

It’s always about speed, isn’t it? As petrolheads we’re obsessed with the 0-100km/h sprint time and automakers are relentless in their pursuit to build the fastest accelerating cars. So, we decided to compile a different list: the least fastest vehicles you can buy in SA. Slow and steady wins the race, remember?

Toyota Quantam - Ignition Live

1. The Toyota Quantum is inevitably the slowest on this list. The 14-seater bus was designed for transporting people and manages to go from standstill to 0-100 km/h in 28.2 seconds. Remember that next time you need an excuse when you’re late for work.

Mahindra Genio - Ignition Live

2. The boxy Mahindra Genio 2.2 CRDe double cab is unashamed of its role as a simple, rugged workhorse. But time is money – and you won’t be getting anywhere too quickly, with this vehicle’s claimed 0-100km/h time of 24 seconds.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2 - Ignition Live

3. The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 4.2 Double Cab saunters to 100km/h in 22 seconds. But time has always been on its side. The beloved bakkie doesn’t seem as though it’ll go out of fashion any time soon.

Chery QQ3 - Ignition Live

4. It might weigh the same as a burp in a paper bag, but the dainty Chery QQ3 TX hardly moves like a gust of wind. The 800cc Chinese car goes to 100km/h in 20 seconds; a figure which they probably had to record downhill. The fastest derivative in the range dispatches the sprint in 18 seconds. Expedient.

Mahindra Bolero - Ignition Live

5. Mahindra seems to be really good at this. Their Bolero bakkie goes from 0-100km/h in 19.6 seconds. Might as well sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Opel Vivaro - Ignition Live

6. The Opel Vivaro 1.9 DTi Enjoy is our sixth slowest car, with a sprint time of 19 seconds. In fairness this is really not bad for a people-hauler – considering the little Chery does the dash in 20 seconds.

Fiat Qubo - Ignition Live

7. The Fiat Qubo has a number of virtues, despite the fact that it is based on a humble delivery fan. It boasts chunky looks and family-friendly versatility. But be prepared to be asked: “Are we there yet?” countless times. It goes to 100km/h in 18.8 seconds. With brands like Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo under its wing, Fiat needs to up the power.

Nissan Patrol - Ignition Live

8. The Nissan Patrol 3.0 Di might look like it belongs to a bygone era. But models like the Toyota Land Cruiser prove that doesn’t matter. With an 18.8-second sprint time, it might be slow enough to take you back into time.

Foton Thunda - Ignition Live

9. The Foton Thunda offers exceptional value for money in the bakkie segment. But it looks unlikely to set the sales charts ablaze with such stiff competition. Nor will it set the tarmac alight, going to 100km/h in 18.3 seconds.

GWM Steed - Ignition Live

10. The GWM Steed 2.5 TCi 4×4 double cab accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 18.1 seconds. Compared to rivals like the Ford Ranger 2.2 double cab (12.73 seconds) it truly is underpowered.

Hyundai H1 - Ignition Live

11. You can easily see why rental car and tourism companies love the Hyundai H1 2.4 Wagon GLS. It’s roomy. And slow enough for everyone to savour passing scenery, performing the dash in 17.9 seconds.

Smart - Ignition Live

12. It might be smart to own one of these if you live in the city. But it probably won’t feel so smart when you’re trying to overtake on the freeway. The little Smart ForTwo 1.0 Coupe snails to 100km/h in 17.34 seconds.

Toyota Hilux SRX - Ignition Live

13. The “fastest” vehicle on our list is the Toyota Hilux 2.5 4×4 SRX. “So you wanna Race Xe?” is probably not what they had in mind with that acronym. It gets to 100km/h in 17.3 seconds. Still faster than a Chery QQ3.

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