2015 Mercedes C63 AMG Unleashed

2015 Mercedes C63 AMG Unleashed

Get ready for the next round of battle between the two most iconic German performance saloons.

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Mercedes-Benz hopes to flummox the evergreen BMW M3 with their new C63 AMG which will be available in sedan and wagon formats. Like its competitor, the brawny saloon has ditched the normally-aspirated route, packing a pair of turbochargers.

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There is good news for those who appreciated the sonorous eight-cylinder rumble of the outgoing model. The new C63 will still have a V8 engine upfront. Although displacement size has decreased, with a four-litre mill now doing duty. Of course, the 63 moniker remains. On the matter of nomenclature, the German automaker insists that we call the new model the Mercedes-AMG C63: following in the footsteps of the Mercedes-AMG GT.

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Power from the new, hand-built engine is rated at 350kW and 650Nm of torque. Much like with the GT sportster, a hotter S-badged version will be offered too. This model punches out 375kW and 700Nm of torque. Mercedes claims a 0-100km/h time of 4.1 seconds for the standard model while the S model is 0.1 of a second swifter. Rather than developing a new gearbox, Mercedes gave their seven-speed transmission a thorough going over. A more responsive nature and sharper wits can be expected.

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It is well known that the current C63 model can be a bit of a handful. According to Mercedes, the mandate with the new iteration was to make it more of a viable daily driver – without muzzling any of the exhilaration. More insulation was slapped around the engine and gearbox. Both too are described by Mercedes as less harsh when one is ambling about town. But when you find a sinuous stretch ahead, all systems can be summoned into attack mode.

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An AMG Ride Control system allows you to pick between various modes, from Comfort to Track. Buyers will have the option of ceramic brake discs as well as an beefier exhaust system. Compared to peers, the interior quality of the outgoing C63 is acceptable but not what you would describe as superb. The new model plans to address this, offering buyers a variety of plush finishes and different leather treatments. Also standard – and a questionable addition – is an IWC branded clock on the fascia.

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According to Mercedes-Benz South Africa spokeswoman, Shirle Greig, the C63 is expected to land on our shores in February or March next year. The wagon variant will be available shortly after.

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