Audi Unleashes 441kW TT Concept

Audi Unleashes 441kW TT Concept

Could this be a glimpse of what the next TT-RS might be like? Meet the TT Clubsport Turbo Concept; a monstrous rendition of Audi’s popular two-door designed especially for the Wörthersee Tour Volkswagen festival this month.

Even if it doesn’t see production, it’s likely that the technology showcased in the concept car will filter through to forthcoming Audi models. Two electrically powered turbochargers are strapped to the Clubsport’s engine. Audi claims that this eliminates lag altogether, spooling up instantaneously. According to them, the hi-tech biturbo trickery isn’t far off from production readiness.

The Clubsport employs Audi’s familiar 2480cc, five-cylinder engine, spitting out 441kW and 650Nm of torque – shoved to all four wheels of course. Audi says it’ll dash to 100km/h in 3.6 seconds. Top speed is pegged at 308km/h. And the German automaker is also excited about their distinctive five-pot engine note. Because the exhaust system was designed for minimal back-pressure, amplifying the throaty sound. Audi decided to ditch their S-tronic gearbox for a six-speed manual instead.

Intelligently, they squeezed in a 48-volt electrical sub-system dedicated solely to powering those turbochargers. A lithium-ion battery in the boot stores energy generated by recuperation when coasting and braking. Underneath, they’ve endowed the car with a coilover suspension system, plus an electric lifting function to help it sail over speed humps. It has a wider track than the normal TT, with functional vents and inlets aplenty. The rear wing was lifted from the Audi Sport TT Cup car – and made 20 cm wider.

As you can see, the interior has been stripped down to the bare necessities. There’s a titanium protective cage and lightweight bucket seats with four-point harnesses. Interestingly, Audi’s digital Virtual Cockpit display remains, as does the multifunction steering wheel. CFRP parts were used liberally, to keep weight down.

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