Bentayga: Bentley’s First SUV

Bentayga: Bentley’s First SUV

An SUV from luxury brand Bentley has long been in the product plan. They gave the world a glimpse of what it could look like with the EXP 9 F concept a few years ago. Its chunky, clumsy looks had few waxing lyrically.

Bentley SUV 2 - IgnitionLIVE

This week Bentley announced they’ve decided on a name for the new model. It’s going to be called the Bentayga. If it sounds exotic, that’s because it is: The Roque Bentayga is a rugged peak in the subtropical Canary Islands, which, according to Bentley, draws attention from all directions and offers climbers a rewarding view of a rich, diverse landscape.

Bentley SUV Wing Vent - IgnitionLIVE

For now, Bentley has released a single teaser image of the Bentayga. We’ll have to see whether the production model is a little more palatable than the EXP 9 F concept. Until then, curious name aside, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt.

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