TV Shows

Car Crime

Car crime is a massive problem in any nation. Syndicates rule the roads but the police are constantly on the trail of their latest tactics    

Car Fix

Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman fix and restore cars. They fix anything from the classics to modern day vehicles, feature performance products in the industry and classics. Coming up: A truck filled with some gorgeous classics and future classics arrive at the shop. However, Lou and Jared’s focus is an…

Car History

We look at the BMW 3 Series which, since its debut in 1975, has been the undisputed leader in the compact premium segment. Car History showcases all the models from the E21 up to the F30 and the history behind the benchmark of its segment

Car S.O.S

Wracked with guilt about the car crash in which her boyfriend, Jeremy, broke his back, Debs calls in Tim and Fuzz to give her beau a break from his terrible luck. The Car S.O.S. team takes on renovating his forlorn Fiat 850 Spider

Car Science

We revisit the craziest experiments of the season, including the ultimate car crash, the flaming burn out, analyzing a car bomb and the science behind invisible fire.

Car Wars With Funkmaster Flex

Someone is accused of spying. Flex orders all of the contestants in for an important midway challenge with a chance to win the most precious prize yet, but someone doesn’t show up.

Celeb Rides

Celeb Rides is back and we are going even bigger and better! We kick off with a little trip down to Cape Town where we catch up with a few celebs who let us know what their top 10 dream garage will look like! Coming up: Pabee catches up with…

Champions: Didier Auriol

Having been introduced to rallying in the late 70’s, Frenchman Didier Auriol showed early promise and soon clinched his first major victory in 1985 with, as he put it, ‘good times in a bad car’!

Champions: James Hunt

James Hunt was famous for being both a colourful TV commentator, as well as Britain’s fifth Formula One Champion.

Champions: Jeff Smith

In an age where modern heroes are influencing a whole new generation, the achievements of Jeffrey Vincent Smith remain unsurpassed.

Champions: Sidecar

A tribute to the greatest sidecar stars from the 1940s to the 1990s, packed with extensive archive and modern racing footage - including some excellent on-board film, background stories and revealing interviews.

Classic Cars

We jet off to Düsseldorf in Germany to look at the classic remise. We compare 2 of the most iconic Jaguar’s ever built: the XK120 and the E-Type, and we end off with some Opel classics.

Classic Rides

The greatest festival of nostalgia does not disappoint, The Goodwood Revival showcases spitfires to millionaire celebs and their even more expensive cars. Coming Up: The Fiat 500B Topolino is the little mouse amongst compact cars, we take a look. Mercury Cougar and Ford Consul go head to head. And we…

Dangerous Drivers’ School

We meet Dudley, a pensioner who won’t slow down for anyone, Liz who struggles with the basics after taking a 10 year break from driving, and Rowland, a 54 year-old comedian who can become very tense behind the wheel.

Dangerous Drives

In each episode we go behind the wheel with people whose jobs involve dangerous drives. From cross border patrol officers, to storm chasers to long haulers, Dangerous Drives is a unique look at wheels with a difference.

Dodge Viper

The 200 mph Dodge Viper is a legend with its 8-litre V10 and fierce looks and has been heralded as one of the most exciting, soul-stirring sports cars ever to burn rubber since its introduction in 1990.

Donaldson Cross Country Championship

After 6 races in two countries that covered nearly 4000 kilometers, it all came down to this. The Atlas CopCo Gold 450 was the last round of the 2016 Donaldson Cross Country Racing Championship, and no less than 2 champions were crowned.

Dream Cars

Whether it is the Porsche 911 Cabriolet, the Audi R8 Spyder or the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster, German convertibles enjoy a world-wide reputation. We take a look at the best from Germany.