TV Shows

Ultimate Racing

In this episode of Ultimate Racing, we bring you all the race highlights from the V8 Sprints and Hotrods recently held at the Ultimate Raceway in Vereeniging.

Volkswagen Drivers Search

Sixteen young and talented racing driver hopefuls were chosen for the first ever Volkswagen Driver Search, the programme that is dedicated to unearthing South Africa’s future motor racing talent.

Wings And Wheels Festival

This one-of-a-kind event featured the Doug Davidson Memorial Air show, displays of all the stock from new car dealers in Uitenhage, as well as a Mr and Mrs Wings and Wheels competition!

Wrecks To Riches

Barry knows a good wreck when he sees one.  The old ’69 Camaro shell he bought from a wrecking yard turns out to be cursed. Paint-stripper and angle-grinders reveal hidden rust and dodgy body work.