Celeb Spot: Talking cars with Thando Hopa

Celeb Spot: Talking cars with Thando Hopa

Thando Hopa is a model, an activist for albinism, and a lawyer. She is also legally blind. But that has not deterred Audi from making her an ambassador for their new Q2. The car is billed as “untaggable” — a perfect fit, then, writes Kenzy Mohapi

What was your favourite car when you were growing up?

[Laughs] A “nanana take me home” [VW Beetle]. I think it’s because I thought I could drive it myself as a kid. I also really liked Lamborghini too.

You’ve collaborated with Audi on its latest campaign for the Audi Q2, which it has described as being “untaggable”. What does being “untaggable” mean to you?

Essentially it’s about not being placed in a box. When we try something, we expect a singular narrative and a particular image to be associated with that. When we say “untaggable”, it’s saying, ‘I don’t fit this tag or in this box you want to put me in’. We are very diverse.

You certainly are “untaggable”. You’re a model, a lawyer and an activist. Give us the marketing spiel on what makes the car equally so?

The beauty of the Audi Q2 is that it is the most unique of the Audi models in terms of design, and it encompasses so much. The fact that it looks different and is different is a wonderful thing. I have embraced the things that make me different to the best of my ability and I think that is what I have in common with this car. It’s what keeps that sense of being “untaggable” alive. As young people we don’t want to be boxed in. We have bigger dreams and bigger visions for ourselves.

You’re on a road trip. Who are you with, and in which car?

My two friends — Audrey and Katlego. They are different too. Audrey is an attorney, Katlego is an anthropologist. They understand my diversity and I love theirs. I’d love to go on a road trip with them. We wouldn’t have a specific destination in mind, we would just hop in the car and explore. We would be driving the Audi Q2, of course.

You are legally blind, so you don’t drive. That’s a curious point. Tell us more.

When you’re in a car it’s the space where your life is at that moment in time. You want to feel comfortable and safe but you also want to be in something that’s aesthetically pleasing to you. The experience is important.

  • •Hopa will be chauffeured in the Audi Q2 for the duration of her ambassadorship