Citroën is finally leaving South Africa for good

Citroën is finally leaving South Africa for good

After years of speculation, Citroën is finally leaving SA. Peugeot Citroen SA MD Francis Harnie has confirmed that the famous chevron-wearing marque would no longer be available in the country.

Although we will concentrate on the Peugeot brand, both Citroën and DS customers will be looked after,” Harnie told us. “Each dealership will retail Peugeot models, but will all offer the entire after-sales service to customers of all three brands. Citroën parts will be handled as Peugeot parts in the future.

The decision comes as no surprise. This year, Citroën has sold just 440 vehicles in the country and had already stated it would not be bringing its vital new C3 model to our shores.

Its withdrawal comes at a time when the brand is actually enjoying a resurgence elsewhere in the world.

Citroën is the most recent brand to leave the country after the departure of Daihatsu and Dodge and Chrysler. – BD Motor News

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