Could the real Ford Raptor be coming to SA?

Could the real Ford Raptor be coming to SA?

You know all those Ford Rangers with their big after-market Ford logo across the grille, big wheels and various decals? Ford has tried to counter it with the Ranger FX4 but it is not quite the real deal. The real thing is the F150 Raptor in the US. You might see people with Raptor stickers on their pimped Rangers in SA, but they are not Raptors.

But the real thing could be coming, because Ford is testing a Raptor version of the new Ranger in the US. Ford SA told us it knows nothing about it but would love to bring it so for you and for Ford SA, here is what our sources have told us

Firstly, the test mules spotted were right-hand drive, meaning it could come here. Secondly, it will feature a diesel engine, making it more likely to be a global vehicle than purely a US one. That engine is likely to be the 3.2-litre turbodiesel although of course producing more power than in any model we have.

However, our sources have suggested there might also be a detuned version of the 3.5-litre V6 Ecoboost from the Ford GT supercar — in a Ranger! It’ll be detuned slightly of course and if it comes here, we’ll probably only get the diesel.

Other changes over regular models, as if the engine from the GT would not be enough, is wider wheel arches, increased ride height, upgraded suspension and bigger wheels and tyres. So now we wait to see if Ford SA is keen to bring a real Raptor here. People in Boksburg will lose their minds. – BD Motor News (Pic: Newspress USA)