Could this be the next Porsche 911?

Could this be the next Porsche 911?

The current 991 generation received a batch of 991.2 updates in 2015, including a new family of turbocharged engines. It was originally launched back in 2011.

The upcoming eighth-generation 911 will be built around a new modular platform and feature a wider range of powertrains — expected to include, for the first time, a hybrid setup.

While Porsche is working on a pure-electric production version Mission E for a 2020 debut, other cars in its range — such as the new Panamera and this all-new Porsche 911 — will supplement their engines with electric power to boost both performance and efficiency.

Porsche’s chairman Oliver Blume says the 911 is a likely candidate for hybrid power too.

“For the simple reason that electrification still carries a substantial weight penalty, sports cars will hold on to classic propulsion solutions a little longer than other vehicle types. But even the 911 must eventually adjust, and according to analysts and the media, even plug-in supercars are making headway,” he says.

That won’t spell an end to traditional-style 911s, though. The 911’s idiosyncratic character will be preserved even more carefully. “Porsche needs to launch purist racing cars like the 911 — we will go to both strategies, new and old,” Blume says.

So, don’t be surprised to see naturally aspirated, manual gearbox models like the current 911R keep a place in the next-generation 911 family. – BD Motor News