Duster Bakkie Breaks Cover

Duster Bakkie Breaks Cover

Meet the Duster Oroch concept, set to be unveiled at the Sao Paolo Motor Show in Brazil this month. It’s certain to see production. In a release, Renault announced their intention to capitalise on the lucrative light commercial pick-up market in South America. The Duster Oroch will compete against the likes of the Volkswagen Saveiro – which we don’t receive locally.

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But perhaps we could see the Oroch? The Duster compact SUV is faring well in our market, even earning a spot as a finalist for the 2015 Car of the Year title. Our nation’s fondness for the bakkie genre is well-known and maybe Renault could find a strong business case in offering the little truck here.

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Of course, the model that rolls off the production line will undoubtedly be more subdued. In this guise the Oroch has all the trappings that the lifestyle market will love. Chunky alloys, rugged black cladding and muscular pleats give the little bakkie attitude. There’s a panoramic roof and a rack at the rear to stow kiteboards.

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Flick a switch and the Oroch becomes a GoPro with wheels: two rear-mounted cameras serve to “capture special sporting moments” – with angles set at 80° and 140° for full outdoor coverage. Inside, the multimedia screen on the fascia displays in real time the footage captured by the cameras. And the seats are clad in upholstery inspired by wetsuits.

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“Based on the Duster, which is one of our best-selling models in the region, the show car explores the world of pick-ups in Latin America – a segment we’re absent from at the moment but which totals over 900,000 vehicles sold each year,” said Denis Barbier, Renault’s senior vice president of the Americas region. Ignition Live awaits comment from Renault SA on whether the Oroch is under consideration for our market.

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