Expect up to 80 electric Volkswagens by 2025

Expect up to 80 electric Volkswagens by 2025

The Volkswagen Group plans to launch close to 80 electric cars across all of its brands by 2025.

Apart from VW’s premium electric car platforms like the C-BEV debuting in the Audi e-tron and the J1 debuting in the Porsche Taycan, a new PPE platform being developed by Audi and Porsche is due to spawn its first model in 2021, plus there’s a potential SPE platform for electric sports cars.

But the group sees the MEB platform as being instrumental in transforming the electric car from a niche product into a true alternative to cars with conventional powertrains. The MEB platform is the most important for the car maker, as the cars based on it will be more affordable and sell in higher volumes than models based on the group’s other electric car platforms.

VW likens the MEB introduction as monumental as the transition from the Beetle to the Golf. The first car based on the MEB platform will be a production version of 2016’s VW ID hatchback concept. The hatch, which will be slightly larger than a Golf, is already being tested as a prototype.

Other battery electric cars headed for production include production versions of VW’s ID Crozz crossover and ID Buzz van concepts unveiled in 2017. Both are expected after 2020.

VW says cars built on the MEB platform will be able to be charged from zero to 80% charge in about 30 minutes, while the expected range is around 400km. – Denis Droppa