I want to get in touch with IGNITION. How can I do that?
Call us on 011 280 3318
Email us on info@ignitiontv.co.za
Become a fan on Facebook: IGNITION TV
Follow us on Twitter: @IGNITION_TV
Watch IGNITION GT inserts on You Tube: theIgnitionTVChannel

I am having a motoring event and I’d like IGNITION to come and film it…

Send an email to petrolheads@ignitiontv.co.za with all the relevant details.
Why does IGNITION show so many repeats?

It’s what DStv calls “opportunity to view”. We know you’re busy so we want to give you lots of chances to catch your favourite programmes on IGNITION. There are 20 hours of fresh programming every week so if you can’t PVR it, you can tune it at any point during the week to catch all the programmes you want to watch. New episodes of everything air on a Saturday with the remainder of the week giving you chance to catch those programmes again.
I want a copy of one of the programmes I saw on IGNITION. How do I get one?

Programmes produced by IGNITION are available at a cost of R450 for a DVD. For local programming produced by external production companies, as long as we have their permission, we can make you copies of past shows. Contact simone@ignitiontv.co.za with the details of the programme you are looking for or you can call her on 011 280 5596. Unfortunately, our international programmes are bought from distributors all over the world and we are licensed only to broadcast them, not to duplicate them in any way. Some of these programme and series have been turned into DVD box sets – a simple Google should answer that question!
You can also watch previously broadcast reviews of cars featured on IGNITION GT on You Tube. Find us under the IgnitionTVChannel.
I love cars and I want a job at IGNITION! How can I achieve this?

You can send a short CV to us along with a motivation of what you can bring to the channel. Please note that while we are a motoring channel, we are still a television channel which means you need more than just an interest in or knowledge of cars to work here. Some background in journalism and or television would be beneficial but is not essential. CV’s can be emailed to info@ignitiontv.co.za
I want to be a presenter on IGNITION! How can I achieve this?

You can send us a short video showreel that shows off what you can do! Include a short clip or two presenting the kind of content you’re interested in – showreels should not be longer than 5 minutes please. Send to:Lindsay Vine – IGNITION
tiso blackstar group
16 Empire Rd
I’ve got a really cool car and I want to brag about it on telly…

Send us pictures! You can email them to petrolheads@ignitiontv.co.za along with a short description of the car, what you’ve done to it and why you love it. If we like it, we might feature it either on the programme or on our website.
I’m looking for a new or used car and I want advice please?

Send an email to buyersguide@ignitiontv.co.za with as much information as possible on your budget and requirements, any trade ins, concerns and cars you’ve been looking at. We’ll put it to our panel and see if they can help! Unfortunately we do not give individual, personal advice on buying cars over email for legal reasons.
I’ve got a complaint against a manufacturer / dealer / service centre. What can I do?

Before you can lodge a complaint with the National Consumer Commission (NCC) you have to first attempt to find some sort of resolution with the manufacturer / dealer / service provider that you have been dealing with. Please note that you cannot bypass this step and go immediately to the NCC or any other body created under the Consumer Protection Act.
Once it becomes apparent that no resolution can be found you can then ask an independent mediator to step in. There are a variety of options when it comes to alternative dispute resolution agencies but the two most common to the motoring industry are the Motoring Industry Ombudsman www.mio.co.za and the Retail Motoring Industry (RMI) www.rmi.co.za. The RMI can only mediate between a complainant and a service provider if that provider is a member of the RMI, this you can check on their website. It is also important to note that the RMI can only suggest codes of practise for its members – it cannot enforce a ruling. The Ombudsman has more sway but is generally flooded with complaints so you may have to wait a considerable amount of time before your case is processed.
If you find that you are unhappy with the mediator’s verdict you are then entitled to submit your complaint to the NCC www.thedti.gov.za. It is important that you choose your course of action carefully and it is essential that you have all your claims and communications in writing. Also note, once the ombudsman is involved alternative mediators will no longer take on your case.
I’ve got some great footage of my car / our club race day / our camper van holiday…(insert your car memories here!) Would you guys be able to use it?

We are always interested in seeing what you are up to. If you think that your footage is up to scratch then burn it to a DVD and send it to us:Lindsay Vine Smyth – IGNITION
tiso blackstar group
16 Empire Rd
Alternatively, you can load it onto our facebook page and we will get in touch with you should we wish to use it.
I’ve got a great idea for a programme / series on IGNITION…

Great – we’re got some rather fabulous ideas too but making telly requires resources! If it’s just an idea and you just want to share it, feel free to mail us the details to info@ignitiontv.co.za.If you’ve got an idea and you think you’d like to be the one to turn it into reality, you need to find yourself a television production house or freelance producer that you can work with to turn it into actual television.If you’ve got an idea and you are tied up with a production house already, you’re on the right path. You can send us a brief outline of the concept (no more than one A4 page please) and how you plan to turn it into great television. Email to info@ignitiontv.co.za. If we like your idea and it doesn’t duplicate something we already have on air, we’ll ask you for a pilot – to see how you turn that idea into reality. This will give us an idea of your filming and editing style, presenters and content.You can kill two birds with one stone if you like and do the outline and pilot at the same time if you prefer. Please send DVD’s to:
Lindsay Vine Smyth – IGNITION
tiso blackstar group
16 Empire Rd
I want Marius Roberts to come and MC my event.

Visit Marius’ mobi site at www.mariusroberts.mobi for more information.
I want to start racing! How can I become a racing driver?

First you’d need to establish whether you have some talent! Zwartkops Raceway runs driver training days throughout the year where you can take your vehicle onto the track with an instructor and learn the basics. www.zwartkops.co.za If you can’t do that, then your best bet is to attend as many race days as possible and chat to the people involved. Most racers are friendly enough and happy to chat in between their time on the track. Motorsport South Africa has information on all the different types of motorsport in SA and calendars of when events are taking place. www.motorsportsa.co.za
I want to be a motoring journalist. How do I become one?

Obviously you need an interest in cars, but importantly, you also need an interest in journalism. You can contact the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists for advice on sagmj@iafrica.com. The guild also runs an excellent bursary programme every year for one lucky person, which you can enquire about. The bursar student gets to spend a year experiencing the industry – one month at a time with various publications and industry players – learning the ropes. For some interesting reading material, have a look at these links on how to become a motoring journalist: http://www.wikihow.com/Become-an-Automobile-Journalist or http://www.edmunds.com/car-reviews/features/how-to-become-an-automotive-journalist.html