Ford Gives Schools Rangers

Ford Gives Schools Rangers

Ford donated 19 Rangers to 12 colleges and two schools around the country as part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility strategy.

Ockert Berry, Vice President of Operations, said the cars will go a long way to giving learners a head start in the world of engineering.

“Colleges as well as certain technical schools were identified for the donation of these vehicles. These vehicles also represent the latest in engineering technology,” he says.

“At Ford, we believe that South Africa’s future leaders will benefit from working with the latest vehicles and the latest technology. We want to make a difference and assist learners keep up with developments in the automotive industry.”

At TVET College, Mankwe Campus, Ford provides support and assistance with maintenance of the vehicles, workshop tools as well as servicing equipment. The college trains a minimum of 30 learners every trimester, with the learners rotating every four months.

Ford now aims to set up similar training programmes with the other colleges to ensure their standard of education is consistent with the training required by the automotive sector.

“This is the beginning of the journey,” Berry said. “Many of the campuses do not have vehicles to work on that are equipped with current technology, so this raises a challenge with the standard of training when they leave college to work in the industry.”

Ignition Live Reporter