Green Hornet’s car making a buzz at auction

Green Hornet’s car making a buzz at auction

Based on a 1965 Chrysler Imperial, the Black Beauty as imagined by French film director Michel Gondry and his creative team for the 2011 film, was bought to life by Dennis McCarthy of Vehicle Effects in California and is now being bought to the general public thanks to RR Auctions.

The car boasts its original 413 engine, but that is pretty much the only thing about this particular car that is stock or could be considered as original equipment. For example, it has two hood-mounted Browning machine guns, Stinger missiles integrated into the front and rear bumpers and backward opening doors.

It also has green headlamps, cannons that fire beanbags and shotguns integrated into the doors.

Due to the amount of action set pieces in the 2010 film, 29 Black Beauty cars were built, however all but two were destroyed or severely mangled during the course of the production. Today, of the two hero cars that remain intact, this example is the only one featuring the Green Hornet weapons modifications, making it extremely rare.

The car is being offered as one of 43 featured lots in RR Auction’s latest online movie memorabilia sale, bids for which started on June 19 and will cease on June 26. And, with three days left to go, it is already nearing the $40,000 mark.

-Times Live