Hyundai Hatches Baby Coupe

Hyundai Hatches Baby Coupe

Hyundai has revealed a more dynamic iteration of their top-selling i20 hatchback. According to the manufacturer, the i20 Coupe is geared towards a young, trendy set seeking a compact premium car.

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Apart from the obvious lack of rear doors, the new model boasts steeper raked pillars for an authentic coupe profile. It’ll also be offered in a unique Tangerine Orange colour, in addition to featuring bigger alloys and a subtle rear spoiler. If it looks on par with equivalents from Germany, that is no coincidence.

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Hyundai said this car was made specifically with the European market in mind. According to Deon Sonnekus, general manager of corporate communications at Hyundai SA, the i20 Coupe is not currently under consideration for our market. We will however be getting the New Generation i20.

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