Infiniti Pins Big Hopes On Q80

Infiniti Pins Big Hopes On Q80

Infiniti plans to give large luxury players from Germany a run for their euro. The Q80, revealed at the Paris Motor Show is a sign of major things to come, according to the premium Japanese carmaker.

The four-door fastback aims to shake up the segment with progressive body styling and daring proportions that challenge convention.

Portal-style doors open into an artistically tailored interior which pampers the senses. The four individual leather seats give equal importance to driver and passengers, while the plunging panoramic glass roof creates a light, airy environment inside.

Infiniti Q80 - Ignition Live

Infiniti’s Executive Design Director, Alfonso Albaisa signalled a clear intent to break into the top tier of the premium sedan category with the eye-catching Q80 Inspiration concept car.

Infiniti hopes to have more than double the number of engines and transmissions in the next few years on the road than what’s being seen at the Paris Motor Show.

According to Infiniti, within the next three to five years, the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration will go from concept to the production floor.

-Ignition Live Reporter