Lexus ES Gets More Luxurious

Lexus ES Gets More Luxurious

The Lexus ES is the best-selling model in the automaker’s stable. While it might not be the sharpest tool in the shed from a dynamic perspective, its blend of luxury, space and keen pricing has made it a hit among large premium sedan buyers. So as you would expect, Lexus engineers have focused on bolstering these virtues in the next generation model. The new ES was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show this week.

On the looks front, it gains a pair of sharper headlights – boasting those striking L-shaped daytime running lights worn by the rest of its siblings. More chrome has been sprinkled onto the ES, in addition to new tail lights, rectangular exhaust ports and new alloy wheel designs.

The interior has always been a trump card of the ES. It has a level of luxury that certain offerings costing more could aspire to. And from the pictures, this looks set to build on that merit. Additional trim pieces have been added, as well as a raft of new upholstery colour choices. The seats have also received embossed patterns. Lexus says the new, “sporty” steering wheel serves to offer better driver engagement.

According to Lexus, rigidity levels have been increased, promising better ride quality. More sound deadening materials were placed behind the dashboard to mute engine noises further. And a new two-litre, four-cylinder engine choice will be offered, too – but it won’t be available in South Africa. Instead, we will continue to get the 2.5-litre choice as well as the hybrid 300h model.

As before, a multitude of safety features will be part of the package. Items like a pre-collision warning system, lane departure alert and radar-guided cruise control can be expected. And you know that these goodies will be standard, as is usually the case with Lexus. Full specification for our market will be announced closer to launch.

IgnitionLIVE Reporter