Maserati To Use Airbus Technology

The Maserati and Airbus Group Management board.
The Maserati and Airbus Group Management board.

Maserati have announced that they will be signing a deal with the Airbus Group aeronautic company. The agreement will allow the Italian automaker access to various technologies.

“Maserati can benefit from Airbus Group capabilities that are used in several applications, from airliners, helicopters and fast jets to spacecraft that are exploring the universe,” said Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati.

“Overview access is to be provided to Maserati across a wide range of Airbus Group Innovations’ technical areas over a period of many years, allowing the company to identify technologies that could be “game changers” when utilised under license and applied to its automobile product line,” he said.

Wulf Hoeflich, Head of the Airbus Group technology licensing said that Maserati was selectively chosen as a partner.

“Maserati is perfect for an agreement of this type, as the company is a benchmark in high-end automobiles, while having production volume that is flexible enough to implement new technologies.”

IgnitionLIVE Reporter