McLaren launches 570S Design Editions for lazy rich people with no imagination

McLaren launches 570S Design Editions for lazy rich people with no imagination

If you can afford a McLaren 570S you can afford to customise it and make it your own. And surely this process is all part of the fun, right? Spending a good hour or two or three on the McLaren Interweb configurator, 20-year-old single malt whisky in hand, adding all manner of aero and interior and performance tinsel to your new R3.5-million (the last time I checked) supercar.


Well, no, apparently not. Apparently some people couldn’t be arsed with this ‘tedious’ chore. I mean who has time to customise a 570S when there’s another annual report or spreadsheet to peruse? So to cater for these lazy and unimaginative rich people who still, paradoxically, want to stand out from the crowd, McLaren has gone and launched its new 570S Design Editions: cars that have, according to the official press release, “been painstakingly created by the people who know McLaren’s array of personalisation options the best – McLaren’s own designers.”


So this means you’re basically driving around in somebody else’s interpretation of the ‘ultimate’ 570S: a £8 500 artistic blowover that covers exterior paint, wheel style and finish, exhaust style and brake calliper colour. The final step of the process is when the designers decide on which ‘By McLaren’ interior package best complements the exterior. Done. Dusted. Shipped off to the showroom floor and snapped up by somebody with more money than imaginative sense. – Thomas Falkiner



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