Mercedes-Benz Shows New GLC Coupé

Mercedes-Benz Shows New GLC Coupé

Mercedes-Benz will capitalise on the lucrative premium compact crossover market with a new model, the GLC Coupé. It is in essence a smaller version of the GLE Coupé (rivalling the BMW X6) which is set to land on local shores later this year.

The German manufacturer has given it an interesting mandate – and that is to be able to “race on every ground” – sounds pretty ambitious. Of course, you know the story when it comes to vehicles in this category. They are urban chariots with a sprinkling of ruggedness, making one feel that they are destined for a bit more than the daily A-to-B commute.

We will not waste space by elaborating on the styling, because, as you can see it truly does look like a shrunken GLE Coupé. It is particularly striking in this bright hue which Mercedes-Benz calls Solar Flare. The powertrain in this concept is also something to get excited about. It packs their familiar 2996cc V6 engine, with two turbochargers, churning out 273kW and 520Nm.

This is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission. And according to Mercedes-Benz, the tailpipes give off a “commandingly subdued rumble” or the “passionate sound” of a sports car, depending on the gearbox setting. Perhaps this concept is best indicative of what the AMG derivative would be like.

“The SUV world of Mercedes-Benz has room for further models, such as a production version of the GLC Coupé,” read a statement from the automaker, confirming this model is certain to see series production. Mercedes-Benz said of their other body formats, like the Shooting Brake, that these new classes of vehicle have not only proved successful on the sales front – but have also had an impact on the “model policies” of all manufacturers. So it is only a matter of time before we see a riposte from Audi. BMW already has the X4…

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