Mitsubishi is bringing back the Evolution


Mitsubishi is about to reanimate one of the most evocative names in rallying history with a car that will never see a special stage.

The Renault-Nissan alliance’s Japanese acquisition will attach the name to a sleek new concept coupe at the Tokyo motor show. Instead of being a traditional motor show coupe concept, the new e-Evolution will nod to recent trends and has been turned into a crossover coupe with a slightly high-rise stance.

The electrified e-Evolution will be built to give hints about Mitsubishi’s future design and powertrain strategies and is said to deliver its latest artificial intelligence platform.

Mitsubishi was one of the earliest developers of “fuzzy logic” for automatic transmission shifting, but the new AI platform hints at a major step forward in autonomy. The all-wheel drive concept is set to be a flagship if it enters production, marking out very different territory to the last Lancer Evolution Final Edition in 2015. – BD Motor News