Now In SA: Mégane RS 275 Trophy

Now In SA: Mégane RS 275 Trophy

The hot hatchback segment is crowded and manufacturers have had to stay on their toes to keep buyers enthralled. French automaker Renault has unleashed from its stable the new Mégane RS 275 Trophy, hoping to gain some traction on the field dominated by the likes of the Ford Focus ST, Opel Astra OPC and Volkswagen Golf GTI.

According to Renault, power has been boosted to 201kW compared to 195kW in the standard model, although the maximum torque figure of 360Nm remains unchanged. Despite the boost in power, economy ratings are the same as the lesser Mégane RS – with a claimed consumption of 7.5l/100km.

But of course, that is not what the RS is about. There is very little chance that you are going to want to fight the urge to exploit Renault’s tauter Cup chassis, endowed with a limited slip differential. The 275 also boasts an Akrapovič titanium exhaust system, which promises a more “penetrating sound signature” guaranteed to thrill.

Standard fare is plentiful, as it always tends to be with Renault. The 275 boasts a navigation system, a special RS monitor with race telemetry and data download functionality. Bluetooth is standard, as is cruise control. You also get an RS Dynamic Management system, with various modes – including a Race setting. The Mégane RS 275 Trophy goes for R449 900, R60 000 more than the standard version.

IgnitionLIVE Reporter