Porsche Classic is finally go in Pretoria

Porsche Classic is finally go in Pretoria

At a function hosted at Porsche Centre Pretoria, the dealership was awarded Porsche Classic Partner certification.

Opened on March 31 2018, the facility has become known in the area for the sale of new and pre-owned Porsche cars, as well as for its service delivery for after-sales and body shop.

As one of the 63 accredited Porsche Classic Partners worldwide, the operation says it will offer a wide variety of services to owners of classic models from the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer.

More than 70% of Porsche vehicles built in the company’s 70-year history are still on the world’s roads today. This is due to a dedicated focus on skills transfer and a vast range of service offerings, which help ensure that Porsche classic cars remain on the road for future generations to enjoy.

Customers and enthusiasts can now find the full range of services from Porsche Classic awaiting them upon a visit to the Pretoria facility. This includes supplying classic vehicles with access to 52 000 genuine spare parts, as well as offering complete or partial restoration, employing original repair and painting techniques. – BD Motor News