Porsche driver attacks man in Range Rover

Porsche driver attacks man in Range Rover

Undated CCTV footage has surfaced of a Porsche driver attacking an elderly man in a Range Rover after the two were involved in a minor car accident on London Road, Johannesburg.

In the footage the attacker is seen vandalizing the Range Rover – kicking the doors, punching the side mirrors and breaking the windscreen wipers – as well as making verbal threats to the victim busy filming the incident from inside the car. Yep, it’s road rage on another level. – Thomas Falkiner


According to a report on TimesLive Thursday, the aggressor has subsequently been identified as Lance O’Leary who, according his LinkedIn page, is the managing director at Southern African Automotive Supplies in Johannesburg. O’Leary said on Tuesday: “I am consulting with my attorney and will release an official statement tomorrow (Friday).”

Lance O’Leary: “I’m going to find you, m*t*erf***er!”