RGM Gives Chrysler 300C NASCAR Flavour

RGM Gives Chrysler 300C NASCAR Flavour

If you’re after an American muscle car in South Africa, your only choice at the moment is the Chrysler 300C SRT8. And if you feel the 347kW and 631Nm produced by its V8 HEMI engine is not enough, local tuning company RGM has a solution.

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They’ve recently developed a package for the brutish sedan – and according to them, it adds more than a hint of NASCAR flavour into the mix. So how have they done it? Most importantly, you’ll find a supercharger nestled in the engine bay. In addition, it comes with high capacity fuel injectors and a bigger intercooler core.

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There are two choices. You can have the stage one package, which takes things up to 480kW – still using the standard exhaust and intake systems. The stage two offering adds a dual 76mm exhaust system, which is good for 20kW more. Or you can have what RGM calls the Big Bang version. This boasts ceramic coated branch manifolds and an induction kit, which results in a healthy 530kW power output figure.

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But these gains don’t come cheap. The upgrades start at R190,000 – and a six month/20,000km warranty is part of the deal. These upgrades are also available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

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