SA conference to provide advice on investing in classic cars

SA conference to provide advice on investing in classic cars

There are thousands of books, websites and experts when it comes to investing. Whether it is in stocks, fine art or even wine, there is no shortage of information and advice on how to invest.

But what about classic cars? For some, the classic car market is an area for enthusiasts, people who love historic automobiles and lovingly care for them, perhaps taking them out on a breakfast run on a Sunday with fellow enthusiasts.

However, for many, classic cars are an investment but one which provides more than just a simple return. Buying a classic as an investment allows you to enjoy your purchase while, with luck, watching its value rise.

We regularly report on the Historic Automobile Group Index (HAGI) which monitors the values of a selection of classic models around the world. The company has also produced a book, Better than Gold — Investing in Classic Cars, which is one of the few true guides to this often overlooked form of investment.

The book is authored by the boss of the Historic Automobile Group, Dietrich Hatlapa, and he, along with other experts, shares his views each year at the HAGI Value in the Classic Car Market in Dartmouth in the US and at the HAGI Classic Car Symposium in Cologne, Germany.

Now the inaugural Value in the Classic Car Market conference is set to be held in SA in association with HAGI, The Classic Car Finder (TCF) and Concours SA. It will be held at Sun City on August 3 and 4, immediately prior to the Concours SA event.

Hatlapa will be one of the keynote speakers at the event which will cover such topics as restoration, cost and value; the psychology of collecting; are supercars instantly collectible?; market regulation; and cars, art and preservation.

The conference promises to be a great opportunity not just for existing collectors but for those who are interested in getting into the classic car market, both from an investment and a passion point of view. Organisers are promising that it will provide essential advice and insight which has not been as readily available in SA before.

For many the idea of investing in classic cars is daunting, in spite of the proven strong returns. The conference will provide advice for novice to established collectors. Whether you want to invest in your first classic MG or sell part of your portfolio and buy an historic Ferrari, this event could be the source of information you need. – Mark Smyth (Pic: Waldo Swiegers)