Schnitzer Births Four New Beasts

Schnitzer Births Four New Beasts

News from German tuning company AC Schnitzer is always welcomed. One would think a Bimmer or Mini fresh from the factory in standard guise is good enough. Yet, our friends at the Aachen-based firm seem to always find a way to make them even more enticing. For the 2015 Essen Motor Show Schnitzer took the wraps off their interpretations of the Mini Hatch JCW, BMW X6M as well as the LCI iterations of the 1-Series and 3-Series. Let’s take a glance at each. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the gallery.

Mini John Cooper Works

Schnitzer bumped up the power figures of the JCW from 170kW to 195kW. But upgrades are also available for the tamer S model, boosting things to 173kW from 141kW. The distinctive buzz of the hot Mini duo has also been enhanced, courtesy of a meaner back box – boasting Schnitzer’s “Track Mode” flap system, which turns up the volume at the touch of a button. Listen to the result in the clip below. New spring kits lower the vehicle by up to 30mm at the front and 35mm at the rear. 19-inch alloys were specially developed for the models too, available in anthracite or the more traditional Schnitzer BiColor. A front splitter promises better downforce. It straps below the standard front skirt of the JCW. And finally, buyers can take their pick from a full suite of interior bits, including aluminium foot pedals and velour Schnitzer mats.

BMW 150d

Your suspicions are confirmed. Schnitzer did in fact squeeze that beastly M50d engine (294kW and 800Nm) into the compact 1-Series. The result is a 0-100km/h sprint time of 4.5 seconds. It’ll scoot from 80km/h to 180km/h in 7.9 seconds. Of course, the company also released an array of performance upgrades for the regular variants – including the M135i. For this model particularly, a fully-adjustable racing suspension was developed, lowering the 1-Series by as much as 50mm at the rear and 45mm at the front. Those wheelarches can be filled out with 18-inch, 19-inch or 20-inch wheels.

1 Series Schnitzer - IgnitionLIVE (1)

BMW 3-Series

If you read between the lines, it seems that Schnitzer also feels as though BMW could have done a bit more with the facelifted 3-Series. “Already upgraded – now even better” is what the tagline states in the Schnitzer press release. There is no shortage of components in the catalogue to help 3-Series buyers stand out a little more. Spoiler elements, carbon trim bits, AC Schnitzer liveries and of course, striking alloys are all available. Schnitzer says they are still working on the performance upgrades for the 330i and 340i. Although they have taken things up to a healthy 150kW with the 1.5-litre, three-cylinder 316i derivative. And if you have driven the model, you will probably agree that it is the one that needed a power gain the most…

3 Series Schnitzer - IgnitionLIVE (4)


The biggest highlight here is the development of a beefy new bodykit. Schnitzer calls their model the X6 Falcon and says it will “defeat any flightless rivals on the road.” The package consists of ten pieces, including a rear diffuser and a wing, further lending to the whole Falcon thing. If you opt for either the 30d or 40d versions, Schnitzer offers an exhaust system with a total of six (!) different aural characteristics. Listen to them all in the clip below.

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