Schnitzer Tweaks 4 Gran Coupe

Schnitzer Tweaks 4 Gran Coupe

An M version of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe seems inevitable. But what if you don’t want to endure the wait? The folks at AC Schnitzer will offer you a temporary solution. The tuning company recently released its line of go-faster bits for BMW’s more practical iteration of the well-received 4 Series Coupe.

Schnitzer 2 - Ignition Live

Power gains are available for almost every derivative in the range. But let’s focus on the 4 Series Gran Coupe models sold in SA. Endowed with Schnitzer’s magic, the power output of the 420i goes from 135kW to 180kW, the 428i from 180kW to 216kW while the flagship 435i can be bumped up to 264kW from 225kW. Still not quite M3 and M4 territory, but a healthy gain nonetheless.

Schnitzer 3 - Ignition Live

Ensuring your 4GC sounds the part, Schnitzer will sell you a performance exhaust – complete with chrome tailpipes, in various design styles. You’ll agree that it certainly works, after taking a listen to the short clip below.

But the additions from the German tuner aren’t limited to power and aesthetics. Suspension kits are offered too, lowering the car by as much as 25mm. An adjustable racing suspension setup is also offered.

Schnitzer 4 - Ignition Live

On the outside, it’s business as usual. You can take your pick from an array of spoilers, a rear diffuser and you can have as much carbon fibre as your budget will allow. It’s all rounded off by a set of distinctive wheels, available in black, silver or anthracite. For the interior, an aluminium handbrake handle, aluminium pedals, branded mats and an AC Schnitzer keyholder are offered.

Schnitzer 5 - Ignition Live

Of course, one can’t expect additions from any BMW catalogue to be cheap. For prices and details you’ll have to speak to the folks at JSN Motors in Bryanston, Johannesburg, the only authorised Schnitzer retailer in SA.

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