Schnitzer Tweaks BMW’s Hybrid Star

Schnitzer Tweaks BMW’s Hybrid Star

Have any negative words been uttered about the BMW i8? If so, they’re completely overshadowed by the praise and adoration that has been heaped upon the hybrid star. And for good reason; its futuristic take on the sports car genre is nothing short of brilliant.

Those folks at AC Schnitzer decided that it could do with a bit more – in the looks department anyway. While no performance upgrades have been developed, Schnitzer has produced a comprehensive styling programme for the car.

It’s been lowered by 25mm at the front and 20mm at the rear. Carbon side skirts, front spoiler elements and a rear wing have been thrown into the mix. And according to Schnitzer, these bits will maximise the enjoyment you get upon feeling the full thrust of the electric motor and engine working in harmony. Schnitzer logos have been sprinkled liberally on top.

But the wheels might make the biggest difference to the i8 experience. It’s already pretty light, but the new rollers Schnitzer offer are around 30% lighter than the standard wheels. Plus, you can have them in any colour you want, Schnitzer promises. On the inside, you can have aluminium pedal sets and special velour mats. There’s no word yet on whether AC Schnitzer has a similar package in mind for the dainty i3.

IgnitionLIVE Reporter