Schnitzer’s Hot Pursuit X4

Schnitzer’s Hot Pursuit X4

The quirky BMW X4 inevitably divides opinion. But here’s a take on the new premium crossover that’s undeniably cool no matter what your sentiments are toward the standard model.

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German tuning company AC Schnitzer has worked their magic on the bulky Beemer, creating a special police pursuit vehicle that is currently on display at the Essen Motor Show. But don’t expect to see it parked under local freeway bridges any time soon: this is a one-off concept built specifically for the Tune It Safe campaign initiated by the Association of German Automobile Tuners.

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It’s based on the 20i derivative. In standard guise, the model produces 135kW – but after the Schnitzer treatment the figure has gone up to a healthy 182kW. According to the company, this power gain has trimmed the acceleration down considerably. This car dashes from standstill to 100km/h in 6.7 seconds versus 8.1 seconds in the standard 20i. Interestingly, the top speed is pegged at 212km/h.

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No Schnitzer model would be truly complete without the customary visual pieces. This has a rear diffuser, spoiler elements and carbon trim bits. A sport suspension kit lowers the front by 300mm and the rear by 25mm. And if you aren’t alarmed by the wailing of sirens, you might be startled by the engine tone. A sonorous note is attributed to a beefier exhaust system.

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The interior is kitted out with aluminium pedals, branded Schnitzer mats and the communication devices required by those who protect and serve.

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