Smart Crams ForTwo With JBL Sound

Smart Crams ForTwo With JBL Sound

Smart has turned their teeny ForTwo city-car into a rolling boom box, with the help of audio company JBL.

The sound suppliers crammed 16 speakers, five amplifiers, and two subwoofers into a 2016 ForTwo. Dubbed a “concert hall on wheels”, the system has an output of 5,720 watts. They’ve called it the ForGig sound experience concept. It’s also set to feature in a campaign involving street musicians.

Three mid-range speakers were deployed in each door and four tweeters have been accommodated in the dashboard. The subwoofers fill the smart’s luggage compartment flanked by a pair of mid-range speakers on the left and right hand sides of the tailgate.

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Ten square metres of alubutyl insulation material fully insulate the passenger cell and door panels, 100 metres of electric and signal cable are hidden behind the panelling. The music signals are provided by a digital signal processor (DSP) from the Italian specialist Mosconi.

The sound processor has an eight-channel output and with Bluetooth streaming it can also process uncompressed files in various formats. The system is also compatible with most modern smartphones. The ForGig also boasts interior and exterior ambient lighting.

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