Tesla is in quite a bit of trouble

Tesla is in quite a bit of trouble

Everything is not going right at Tesla, unless you are a member of the Teslerati in which case you think that everything is just perfect.

Elon Musk’s company is struggling to address quality concerns and is nowhere near meeting its production targets. In spite of promises by Musk that it would increase production of its new Model 3 in 2018, it is now scaling back again after logistics issues emerged in Norway over transportation of its vehicles.

Tesla contracted a low-cost vehicle transportation company whose trucks fail to meet emissions quality standards in Norway and other Scandinavian countries (ironic, considering its Tesla).

The authorities in Norway have so far stopped eight trucks that do not meet the regulations.

One truck loaded with Teslas was also involved in a crash leading to concerns about the safety of the trucks.

Authorities in Norway and Scandinavia clamped down and Musk was forced to turn to his usual method of communication, Twitter, to say: “I have just asked our team to slow down deliveries. It is clear that we are exceeding the local logistics capacity due to batch build and delivery. Customer happiness and safety matter more than a few extra cars this quarter.” – BD Motor News