The future of Formula E looks electrifying

The future of Formula E looks electrifying

Formula E. Where failed Formula 1 pilots go to die. Or manufacturers crippled by emissions scandals go to ‘refocus their efforts.’ Whichever way you cut it Formula E is not seen as a particularly hot commodity within motorsport circles – be it with fans or drivers.

SRT05e Rear

However maybe this will change if Spark Racing Technology (SRT) actually builds the shockingly (see what we did there?) beautiful SRT05e you see here. SRT has just won the official FIA tender to build and supply the cars for this series and their initial digital rendering is a teaser of what may very well be lining up on the grid come the start of Season 5 in 2018. And despite all our prejudices we’ve got admit that it looks pretty damn awesome.

SRT05e Profile

So awesome in fact that if the proposed SRT05e does see the light of day we might very well watch a race or two or three. Hmm, okay, three might be pushing it. – Thomas Falkiner