The Renault Duster now has fancy new wheels that will urge you to go off-road

The Renault Duster now has fancy new wheels that will urge you to go off-road

We are big fans of the Renault Duster here at Ignition. It’s a simple, honest and capable entry-level SUV that comes attached to an attainable price tag. For unlike so many other new cars on the market today you can actually own one without worrying about reneging on your monthly repayments and ending up in the debtors’ prison. Nice. What’s even nicer is that Renault has just updated the Duster range with a few more features to make the prospect of potential ownership that much more enticing. And they’ve kept the pricing the same. So what can you look forward to then?

New black alloys will “urge you to go off-road.”

Well first and foremost you will find new front and rear headlights. Manufacturers love new headlights like women love new shoes. So given the chance they will change/update them. After sorting the lights the Renault aesthetics department then turned their attention to the wheels. And this is where things get interesting. You see according to the sales brochure Duster owners have been a bit reluctant in taking their cars off the beaten path. No good. Fortunately the addition of new black five-spoke chunky alloy wheels now “urge you to take the Renault Duster off-road.” Who knew wheels could have such an effect?

Renault Duster Interior

A new “streamlined” dashboard fights the ills of drag

Inside you’ll find even more wonderment. Like standard cruise and park distance control on all variants. The entry-level Expression model now gets electric windows while the Dynamique comes with a rear parking camera, a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system (with navigation) plus the option of speccing leather seat upholstery. Leather in a Duster? That has to be the pinnacle of inverted snobbery. Other cosmetic fettling includes a ‘streamlined’ dashboard design (because cabin aerodynamics are of the utmost importance these days – #dragmustfall) as well as new fabric covering both the inner seat segments and door panels. According to Renault this ‘underscores modern interior look and feel.’ Whatever the hell that means.

New Duster

Like Paris, new headlights are always a good idea

So if you’ve just bought a new Duster then sorry for you – you won’t be getting any of these treats. If not then now is the time to buy. And, like we mentioned earlier, the pricing has remained the same so you really can’t wrong. Just make sure you get the diesel. – Thomas Falkiner

New Renault Duster Pricing:

Duster 1.6 Expression 4×2: 77kW petrol: R239 900
Duster 1.6 Dynamique 4×2: 77kW petrol: R259 900
Duster 1.5 dCi Dynamique 4×2: 80kW diesel: R279 900
Duster 1.5 dCi Dynamique 4×4: 80kW diesel: R304 900

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