VW Unveils Golf R Wagon

VW Unveils Golf R Wagon

Here’s a peculiar one for you. It’s a Volkswagen Golf R you can take the dog in.

Golf R 2 - Ignition Live

The People’s automaker today unveiled the Estate version of their venerable hot hatchback at the LA Motor Show. It’s the very first time any R model has been adapted to wagon format.

Golf R 5 - Ignition Live

Like its hatchback sibling it packs a two-litre, turbocharged engine with 221kW (SA models are detuned, pushing out 206kW) and 380Nm. Power is still shoved to all four wheels and is shifted via a six-speed, double-clutch transmission. We suspect the moms, dads and children who opt for the fast Golf will still take delight in hearing the distinctive belch that punctuates up-shifts.

Golf R 3 - Ignition Live

Apart from that virtue of added space, it is exactly like its original counterpart, according to Volkswagen. It’ll dash from standstill to 100km/h in 5.1 seconds, 0.1 of a second slower than the time claimed by Volkswagen. Its suspension has been lowered by 20mm and you can specify the Dynamic Chassis Control as an option, which also comes with a Race mode. On the outside, it’s business as usual. You still get those attractive 19-inch Cadiz alloys, four fat pipes at the rear and angry-looking accoutrements. Hop inside and you’ll find R badges in abundance – and a maximum luggage capacity of 1620 litres.

Golf R 4 - Ignition Live


The last time South Africa saw an estate version of the Golf was with the fourth generation model. We’ve asked Volkswagen SA what the chances are of this coming here and we’re awaiting feedback. But don’t get your hopes just yet: our market’s distaste for the estate car is well-known.

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