Watch Mark Webber test the Mission E prototype

Watch Mark Webber test the Mission E prototype

A groundbreaking and world-beating new supercar doesn’t come to fruition overnight, so Porsche is still hard at work on the development of its Mission E electric car. And the latest instalment we’re getting to see of the development process is a YouTube video from the German automaker showing former F1, and now endurance car racer Mark Webber, getting behind the wheel of a prototype.

It shows Porsche is well down the track in getting towards its goal of the Mission E appearing in showrooms in 2019 that it’s now got enough of them built to let the former Red Bull F1 driver have a go in one. And the really good news for the developers is the Aussie driver seems genuinely impressed and pleased with the car.

In fact, praise doesn’t get much higher than Webber likening the Mission E to the 919 race car he drives when it’s in its all-electric mode, and comparing the front wings of the car to those of the 918 Spyder hypercar. And despite being relatively heavy due to the batteries needed to power what is now confirmed as a 447kW electric car, Webber reports the car actually feels pretty nimble.

When the concept version was originally shown it was claimed to develop 440kW. Since then there have been rumors of 300kW, 400kW and even 500kW versions, but although Webber’s statement appears to debunk those claims it’s quite likely there will be multiple versions with different power ratings offered for sale at different price points.

Of course, the impressive amount of available horsepower wasn’t the only bold claim made about the Mission E when Porsche first unveiled it to the world. It was also said that the car’s battery pack would be capable of being recharged from depleted to 80 percent of capacity in just 20 minutes using an 800-volt fast charger.

Porsche is currently working on installing these chargers in the US and elsewhere to take advantage of the fast-charging feature, but what’s expected to get potential buyers really excited is the way this revolutionary Porsche is expected to drive. – AFP Relaxnews